4.5 hours of pampering myself..

where? Chikara Women Spa..here’s the address..


this is what i got for 270k..body massage for over an hour, body scrub, relaxing face/totok, jacuzzi bath, creambath loreal, blow catok..i think it was really a good bargain for a beautiful place like this..and also very clean with great service..

they provide a traditional drink too include in the package, if u get hungry u can order some meal, not much options tho, but i had a nasi uduk-ayam goreng-tempe-tahu-sambel for 20k, and it tasted good..

Downloads31this is the bathroom, and change room with individual locker..they have a sauna room too (do you see the wood door by the end on the right picture)

Downloads32on the left is the treatment room (only 5 beds), and the right picture is where we get our hair done..



Downloads30this is the VIP room, with individual jacuzzi..

the massaeur washed my feet first when i started the treatment..i felt like a royal family.. 😛 and they played a relaxing music in the room so i felt relax and sleepy..

photo(196)here’s the price list..it really worth to try..


i’m sure i’m going back for another pampering time..



5 thoughts on “4.5 hours of pampering myself..

    • iya gedungnya putih..pintu masuknya gede dari kayu gtu..gue lupa moto kemaren itu hehe..pas gue dateng sepi kok..mendingan telp dulu aja klo mau ke sana..

  1. Terima kasih banyak untuk review nya.. senang sekali bahwa mba puas dengan pelayanan kami, mudah2an kami bisa selalu memberikan yang terbaik..


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