Family Picture..

Do you have a decent family picture, with the kids looking at the camera and genuently smile?

It’s not easy to take picture with kids..especially with a toddler like Rega who can not sit still..hehe

Fortunately we know a professional photographer who is capable of dealing with kids, and even newborn babies. We decided to have a family photo session with SmallbitesByRittar. The photo session took about 3 hours indoor & outdoor. Rega & Nara were cooperative, exausted but fun. 

Rittar took more than 2000 shots of us. And I have to pick only 10 out of them. And that cause me almost 4 months to pick which 10 shots that will be edited by Rittar. Susyaaaah cyiinnn milihnya..hihihi





Semoga cakeeeep yah hasil editannya..

foto-foto yang gue share di sini unedited ya..

Thank you it..




PS : No photo grabbing without permission





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