it’s been a week..

and i miss it..

i miss breastfeeding..

yeay i know she’s already 3 years old..

no matter what age..weaning is not easy..for the child nor the mother..

only takes 2 nights..she’s crying and crying..asking to be breastfed..but i said “’re a big girl now”..and for the 3rd night she stop crying and stop asking..oh I’m a proud Mama..

it’s not a perfect “weaning with love” but I love u no matter what, my precious..




2 thoughts on “it’s been a week..

  1. me too…. sedang masa weaning berhubung fabian udah 3 tahun. congratulation for u and nara krn udah berhasil mom. doakan kami berhasil juga ya… 🙂

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